The Academic Qualifications and Loads of Requirements Offered by the International School in Kl

International School in Klang is providing the highest quality education to international students. The school is providing the British National Curriculum plus is using the Cambridge International Education. It is basically the international equivalent of Sekolah Setiabudi that provides the Malaysian National Curriculum for international students. International School in Klang has a strong academic and administrative background and is recognized by the Government of Singapore.

PIS - School information

In the earlier years, international school in kl ang provided the Bhattham program which was a highly acclaimed International school education program in Malaysia. The early years curriculum of this school was similar with the British National Curriculum but has changed in recent years. The academic strengths of the school are English, Science, Math, History and English literature.

The International school believes in the basic values of freedom, democracy, human rights, equity, justice, respect, and fairness. They believe in equal opportunity irrespective of race, color, sex, religion, or background. Moreover, they believe in the principle of self-determination. This is because they know that self-determination leads to the right of association and freely chooses one’s association with other nations. International school provides students an experience of learning abroad and therefore they feel very proud of the students that have graduated from their school. They also provide financial assistance and grants to deserving students.

The academic curriculum of the International School in Kuala Lumpur includes Mathematics, Science, History, Philosophy of art, languages, Buddhist scripture, English, and many others. In the Secondary School curriculum, there is a teaching of reading, writing, arts, humanities, nature, computer applications, and commerce. A number of international schools in Malaysia are accredited and this accreditation is provided by organizations like Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Association of International Schools, and European Inter-navel. The accreditation of the school is ensured by the regional accreditation agencies. In Malaysia, a lot of international schools have been accredited by the regional accreditation agencies.

The International school in Kuala Lumpur has its government-approved academic program. Students from different countries of the world apply for admission in the school. Generally, the number of foreign students in the program is between five and twenty. The academic staffs of the International school in Kuala Lumpur consists of full time and part time teaching staffs. Part time teaching staffs are employed by the international schools in different countries of the world.

In the early years, the students of the International school in Kuala Lumpur are encouraged to pursue their national curriculum from early years. For students who do not follow the national curriculum, the first two years of high school education are offered by the local schools. After that, the students can choose to follow the national curriculum or stick to their choice of study. As in other states, the teachers of the International school in Kuala Lumpur are required to acquire a special credential. The credential is known as PASEL Certificate which can be obtained after passing an examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education (BSE).


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